• Ahhhhh!
  • I can’t believe there’s only one book left.
  • Oh please let there be more books in this universe. I would read anything on the origins of VFD’s beginnings or the very first volunteers, a children’s book on the actual schism that occurred, a YA novel all about Kit, Jacques, or Lemony, heck even an adult fiction about Esmé the events leading to her joining Olaf, or the culinary findings of Jake. Gosh, I would read an encyclopedia of things relating to the world and organization
  • I just really want to know all of these characters, old and new, even more.

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  • Ugh, my heart.
  • No…

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The wonderfulness of this show is unparallelled.


The life of a Grunkle is never boring

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ATWQ audiobook live blogging

This does not and will not contain spoilers, but you can message me all about it to discuss the book in full in about 6 hours when I finish the book.

I read the first two chapters that were released early, but I’m re-listening to the book in it’s entirety while I animate. These are thoughts I had from the first two chapters:

  • I’m already intrigued with a particular statement within the first sentence, and it makes me have a suspicion for something. We’ll see.
  • Hah. Something made me think of something from another book.
  • Chapter 2 feels like foreshadowing and I have another suspicion about something entirely different.
  • The choice of wording certain characters use is particularly noticeable.
  • The absurdity of the ignorance of adults is either extremely frustrating or very hilarious, and I love it throughout all of the books.
  • So good.

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"Work is what you do for others. Art is what you do for yourself."

— Sunday in the Park with George (Stephen Sondheim)